Tennis Coaching


  • Choosing the right equipment
  • The rules of tennis
  • Preparation and the warm up
  • Ready position, split step & forehand ground stroke
  • The double & single handed backhand ground stroke
  • The backhand slice ground stroke

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Free Taster Extract - Be Ready To PlayFree Taster Extract - Be Ready To Play
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videos about being ready to play.
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Free Taster Extract - Developing Your ServeFree Taster Extract - Developing Your Serve
This short video clip shows how you will be
coached through the art of serving.
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Free Taster Extract - Section 9Free Taster - Section 9 The Net Game
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Section 9 The Net Game.
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Section 3 extract - Preparation And The Warm Up
I am not sure what it is about club tennis, particularly in the UK, but in my experience, so many amateur players arrange a game, turn up at the court and hit a few balls to each other, and then start to play a match without really getting the muscles and body properly warmed up. The result is that neither body nor minds are ready for play and the first few games can be a total disaster. This is also when injuries can occur particularly for people learning the game and using new movements. Think of your body as a high performance car. You wouldn't get in a new Ferrari and immediately floor the pedal. Well not if you own it and more importantly want to maintain it in good condition! You need to treat it with respect and warm it up gently to get the best out of the performance. It's the same with you, so, it is good to get into a routine to complete some yoga type stretches, some footwork and a serious jog round the court a couple of times would help enormously. Concentrate on stretching arms, shoulders and neck. Swing your arms round your body rotating at the hips..........................................

Section 8 extract - The Serve
This is the most important shot in tennis, as it has to start every point. It is also the one you have most control over. So follow the basics and do not allow your opponent or your own tension to rush your preparation for this shot. The success of this stroke depends on your coordination of placing the ball in the air, sufficiently high and in front of you, that you can hit it with the racket using maximum control and power. So I will take you through the elements of the shot along with video clips to help your understanding. Firstly some practice exercises to get you prepared……………………………

This serving action may take longer than some strokes to improve. It does become easier to coordinate as you persevere with the ball toss, so that you can consistently place it in a space in the air above and in front of your right shoulder. Don't let your body reach to the left or right to hit the ball if it is out of position. Let the ball drop and start again. Remember that the serve is the only shot in tennis that you have total control over. If the ball is in the wrong place do not hit it and waste a point.

Practice Games
Game 3
A more advanced game for when you have become more confident with your control of the ball, is for you and your partner to start standing opposite each other across the net starting on the service line. One of you hits a ball for the other to volley (it will be a defensive volley from that position so the ball will be low below waist height). Your partner returns the volley to make a rally of volleys only. Each time either of you hit the ball you take one step towards the net so after 3 shots each you should both be starting to hit attacking volleys from above the height of the net.