Tennis Coaching


  • Choosing the right equipment
  • The rules of tennis
  • Preparation and the warm up
  • Ready position, split step & forehand ground stroke
  • The double & single handed backhand ground stroke
  • The backhand slice ground stroke

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Why This Course

(play video) Why This Course

If you have tried to emulate John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, Tim Henman or Roger Federer, down at the public courts, or tennis club and found it's not as easy as it looks on TV. Don't give up! Follow these simple lessons and start having some fun, gain some confidence and let them get you moving in a new direction.

You may never have picked up a tennis racket or perhaps you played a little, years ago? Tennis is one of the most social sports that can be played by men and women well into their 80's helping to keep you fit and active. As well as a healthy activity remember tennis is fun.

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This 'A Coaching Course for Social Tennis' e-book guides you through simple basic lessons, which will help people who may enjoy watching the sport but resist joining a tennis club until they can play a bit. These basics are very important to pick up from the start. It is easier to learn the correct way of doing things and not need to change later. Correct techniques will also help to avoid injury.

The 'A Coaching Course for Social Tennis' e-book course is divided into easy to follow sections that take you from "Choosing the right Equipment," "How to Score a Tennis Match" and the essential "How to hold the racket", right through each or the basic strokes to get you started. Video clips of Adult genuine beginners are included where relevant along with dialogue of the techniques involved. There are demonstration shots to practice and plenty of text for those who enjoy lots of information and studying the finer details. Tennis can be enjoyed at all ages, it is a particularly great choice sport for middle aged people looking towards a healthy retirement.

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You can download the whole course at the reduced price of 9.50. Each video clip talks you through a stroke or situation as well as demonstrating the stroke.

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Take this opportunity to save on your tennis lessons or information by buying online. The cost may even be less that ONE LESSON. THE COURSE IS ALSO A PERFECT AND UNUSAL GIFT FOR THE OVER 50'S.

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Did you know? If your cap, piece of jewellery, or any other object falls from your person onto the court whilst in play, your opponent can call for the point to be replayed as a "let". If it were to happen a second time your opponent could claim that point.